«Mega Build Kazakhstan»

The Mega Build Kazakhstan Company has been operating in the Kazakhstan construction market since 2004.
Mega Build Kazakhstan is a team of enthusiastic people who rely on the knowledge, integrity, dynamism and mobility of a group of professionals that form the core of the team.
The company took part in the realization of promising projects in the field of road, infrastructure and civil construction.

Our task

High quality and professional buildings. Taking construction infrastructure to a new level.

Our goal

The sustainable development of the company allows us to optimally solve the assigned tasks and improve the technical equipment and professional level of personnel.

The company «Mega Build Kazakhstan» has the following certificates and licenses

ISO 9001: 2000 Series Quality Management System Certificate

ISO 14001: 1996 Series Environmental Management System Certificate

License for Construction and Installation Works, II category

MegaBuild Advantages

Market price

Maintaining the mid-market indicator is due to: own materials technical base and staff specialists, only direct costs are included in the cost of work, no commissions included

Customer service

Our company highly appreciates partnerships with our current and future clients, so we constantly work not only to improve skills employees and improving the quality of work, but also introduce additional services for our clients

Guaranteed terms

The guaranteed terms of the work will allow you to plan all further actions without a doubt and to open at the time at which you have planned